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Nilanjana sengupta juxtaposes innate aesthetic sensibilities With design diktats in her Apartment in new delhi's greater kailash, transforming this conventional space into a perfect alchemy of visual openness and quiet elegance. Shubhra mazumdar pays a visit Urban lifestyles for young couples is a classic case of grabbing a bite, car keys in hand, and last-minute instructions to the house help.

Nilanjana sengupta consciously turned away from this syndrome to make her personal space minimal yet classy, created completely on her own terms, at her greater kailash (part i) residence in south delhi. Nilanjana concedes that it was the view from the master bedroom that had clinched the sale.. From the start, she was driven to fashioning her home, sans professional help and totally dependent on gut feel and self-developed aesthetics. Backed by a 12-year stint as a manager with a leading international airline company and as a hotel executive, nilanjana had already assimilated the nitty-gritty of what makes for quiet elegance in interiors.


a tour of the 4,000 sq ft space overwhelms as one is attracted by the airiness it exudes, being in one of delhi's congested localities. Glass dividers instead of conventional rcc walls for rooms and corridors suggest spaciousness.

A 12-year stint in the hospitality industry sharpened nilanjana's design skills giving her home interiors a professional touch

The home centre around the sitting-cum-dining room, pivotal to the couples' busy social routine has been deliberately kept uncluttered with geometric symmetry achieved through a pair of large sofas grouped around a massive, low coffee table, a faux leather rug and accessories, like candles and floral displays in outsized glass containers. The idyllic setting flows into corner spaces as well. Just beneath a bay window is a seat with a floor of riverbed stones. The pebble theme emerges again in the spare bathroom where scattered orange and brown quartz pebbles under the counter provide an element of mirth and joie de vivre.
cream walls and beige-tiled flooring are used through
Out the apartment. To break the monotony of tonal togetherness, there are curvaceous mosaic insets, interspersed regularly along the long corridor leading to the family room.

The ceiling along the corridor and family room is given a rustic connotation with dark, wooden rafters. Beyond this merger element, one wall of the family room is a tomato red textured affair in place of uniform cream. Paintings or sculptures do not distract the room canvas but books do, while art and installations by family members lend a warm and creative feel to this space. Lighting enhances this space further even as a book-lined wall with niched shelves is lit with individual lights between each row.
The three doors leading from this convergence point open into three individually decorated bedrooms. In the master bedroom, a shaggy carpet facing the plasma tv screen is inviting for a lazy lounge and read. The balcony visible through large glass windows, has the making of picture perfect alternative, complete with plotted plants, and view overlooking the crown of the trees in the parks. Gazing inward, one registers of many uses of niched spaces within this room. Towards the beside, the glass shelf is a parking space for many objet d’art that couple has collected on their travels to exotic destinations.
a walk into the luxurious bathroom adjoining the bedroom has one stop dead in one’s track. The circular jacuzzi, holds forth as the star attraction and ceiling and wall lights turn this corner into a unit fit for a regal toilette. Stepping off the wet area one walks into a dressing space, with a niche sporting an unashamed feminine indulgence Of colognes and perfumes. Pegs affixed to the inner wall of nilanjana's wardrobe, for jewellery and accessories, are an orderly answer to style dressing.

Function and whimsy in equal doses add delight to the childrens' bedroom'. Besides nursery specimens, there is a separate alcove allotted for the serious business of homework. The space is segregated from the rest of the room by a raised platform with wooden flooring and wall-mounted individual desks.

Adjacent to this room is the guest bedroom. Nilanjana's ingenuity emerges here. A support beam in the middle of the room would have been an eyesore and what better way to transform it into a design element than position a second pillar as replica. These pillars on either side of the bed sport patterned wallpaper lending an unexpected twist to this private space. The bathroom stands distinct with an entire wall holding iridescent glass bowls and vases.

And finally a walk into the spacious kitchen affirms nilanjana's innate sense of balance and style. Sanitised freshness, granite slabs free of gadgetry, segregated wash area blend into the larger scheme of stylish decor and functional propriety.

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