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A bright or dark colour makes the room look smaller. Unless the room/area is huge avoid dark colours.

Following the sun's direction, the eastern and southern part of the house generally get light so use of bright colours are recommended. However the western and northern parts do not get enough sunlight, so are naturally darker than the other parts of the house. Use of light colours will make them brighter.

Warm colors are - red, orange, yellow etc, while cool colors are - blue, green, violet etc.

The quality of light plays an important part in choosing a colour. In hot and dry climate, where there is plenty of sunlight, one would naturally seek some amount of shade and coolness in the interiors. One should play around with blue, aqua green, white etc.

Don't go for "in" colors since what is "in" today will be "out" tomorrow and you cannot change the colour scheme of your home so frequently. Stick to your personal choice and practical sense.

A completely saturated colour scheme in an interior space would be disturbing and you will soon get tired of it. Selective planes, furniture, art work and other decoratives may be accentuated with bright colours and can help satiate your 'colorful' urge.

Finally - Take your time and decide since you will have to live with the colors everyday and in these stressful days all of us want to relax while indoors.

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