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About Nilanjana

Nilanjana is an interior designer driven entirely by passion. She believes in shaping your dreams with a touch of reality. After completing a challenging project, designing an 8000 sq. ft south Delhi home, there was no looking back. Equipped with a strong aesthetic sense and pure passion for her work, she can only work with people who believe that a home needs to be nurtured not made.
To make a room really individual and unique, it should reflect the distinct personality of the person who lives there and how they'll use the room. When you're designing rooms in your home, you should focus on special pieces that you cherish like family photos or memorabilia from travels or special occasions. Or create a space for just the purpose you want. Currently Nilanjana is involved in designing two private residences.

1. This is a new home. We bought it while it was still under construction, hence I could make all necessary changes to the original layout. It was entirely my idea.
2. My house is very child-friendly, hardly any breakables around. I have 2 small kids, so while designing I had to keep this in mind. It is also easy to maintain as I have used textured fabric all over, which can easily be cleaned. Furniture is stylish and sturdy with no sharp edges. I am fond of bright colours as I feel when you come back home, tired, the house should be able to brighten you up instantly. One cannot have bright colours all around, so I used some muted colors to accentuate the bright colours. For example the sofas in the lounge area are a very subdued green with a very a bright (orange) wall.
3. The huge greenery behind, and the fact that it is in the heart of the city with easy access to everywhere.
4. This is a north facing house. I got glass (round) windows at the entrance (east) so that early mornings we can get maximum sunlight. All over the house I got huge glass windows to optimize flow of natural light. In middle of the house (lounge area) I got an atrium done so that the inside of the house is also well lit. There are false ceilings all over the house with concealed lights for the evenings. This is because there is enough light all over the house but nothing glaring for the eyes.
5. Advantage is definitely the location and disadvantage is houses all over, so I had to create this illusion of space with large windows and added a lot of greenery (potted plants & creepers) all around.
6. My favorite in the house if I have to choose is the lounge where I relax with my family and the terrace garden with my lily pond and lawn.
7. The area is approx 7600 sq. ft. including my terrace.
8. All rooms have a distinct look. I tried to use maximum space and utilize it to its full capacity without overcrowding the house.

Finally I wanted a home where my kids would love to come back to, plank them wherever they feel like, run around and have fun. So the basic designing philosophy was a child friendly, easy on maintenance liveable house.

We believe an interior designer’s function is to take the end product of an architect's design and render the space for its ultimate purpose, be it a residence, hotel, school, office or any other space. Such a seemingly simple aim allows for myriad possibilities partly depending on the designers skills and creativity and partly on the tastes and resources of the clients. The end product is analogous to high fashion, which either improves the wearer’s stature and allure or can have precisely the opposite effect. However, for us executing an interior is more than just a matter of dressing up a space; our involvement is deeper and more extensive, ranging over many associated activities, such as contributing during the construction phase to help create entire ambiences, designing and executing pieces of furniture, planning garden layouts and executing landscaping details. These ties in with our aim and desire to create a living space - as opposed to merely designing an interior - that reflects, supports and enhances the lifestyle of occupants.

The aesthetic goal is to delight the eye, make it flit around a room, taking in the "tone" or feel of the space, while providing specific points of attraction on which the eye could rest and ponder. Whilst the overall coherence of designs and interiors is maintained by an overriding emphasis on the functional and practical. Yet, unlike interiors ‘per se' the final product is not regarded as complete; as living spaces until the occupants add their own touches and warmth over the years. We firmly believe that it’s the occupants who ultimately define the interiors and NOT US.

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